The Most Creepy Mummies in the World


The mummy must look scary. But for certain people, mummies can be interesting objects. Living things, humans or animals that have been preserved over the years offer hidden information on how ancient people lived their lives. That’s why Mummies have always been loved by archaeologists and scientists. They are not afraid because their curiosity for knowledge is much greater. Here are some of the scariest mummies ever found:

The Mummy of Guanajuato

1. The Mummy of Guanajuato – Mexico

You could say the mummy of Guanajuato, Mexico is one of the most terrifying in the world. The contorted expressions on some of their faces were a testament to the fact that some of them were buried alive. In one case, the mummy of a woman was found in a tomb, biting her arm and filling her mouth with blood.

The mummy of Guanajuato was mummified from the cholera epidemic that hit Mexico City in 1833. The bodies were not intentionally mummified but were naturally preserved in a dry environment. They were discovered when the government introduced a tax on local cemeteries that forced living relatives to pay or their deceased family members exhumed and removed. Friends of, some pay taxes, and those who don’t, most of the corpses are mummified. These mummies were then kept in a building that eventually became a museum called El Museo De Las Momias ‘The Mummy Museum’.

Qilakitsoq mummy baby

2. Qilakitsoq Mummy Baby – Greenland

Here’s another case of a possible live burial, this time involving a child about six months old in Greenland. He was found on top of a pile of three other mummified girls and boys, all preserved by the cold climate. It’s possible that he could have had Down’s Syndrome, so he might have been placed in a grave and buried alive with his dead mother – as was the custom of the Eskimos of the time. Three female mummies were found nearby. The bodies are in cold stone tombs buried in AD 1460. Their clothes are beautiful examples of fashion, including 78 items of clothing made from the skins of various animals, including seals and deer.

Juanita Mummy

3. Juanita Mummy – Peru

Juanita’s mummy is the first frozen female mummy ever found in South America. It is known when Juanita died wearing the best clothes full of bright colors made of high-quality cloth tied with silver safety pins and wearing a feather headdress. With the condition of Juanita’s mummy, which is very good, you can still see her hair in a small braid that is very neat. After a medical examination, it was known that before her death, Juanita ate a diet consisting of vegetables. His death was caused by being hit by a hard object to the side of the head.

Research on her DNA profile by experts from the Institute for Genomic Research in Maryland determined that Juanita lived around the year 1470 (only 20 years after Columbus landed on the Americas) and was about 14 years old. According to the Spaniards who colonized South America, it is said that the Incas sacrificed children as special offerings to their gods. And being an offering is an honor because they are not sacrificed as food for the gods but are believed to have inhabited the heavenly world of the gods.