Touching Hearts, Family Documentary: Mexico Midnight Family

Mexico Midnight Family

Documentary films are indeed being loved by film lovers, whose broadcast time is somewhat more relaxed and shorter than films shown on the big screen. Even so, documentaries themselves can still be screened in cinemas even though not too many are shown in theaters.

For you gamers, it’s a good idea to watch the Mexican Midnight Family Documentary to entertain yourself besides playing. When it’s finished, you can continue your favorite games like Gates of Olympus which can provide incomparable pleasure from profitable symbols.

Documentary films themselves, even though the broadcast time and production time are short, it is possible that the funds that must be spent are the same as a film that is shown in cinemas. This happened because the production team really wanted to be able to present a documentary film, which was able to captivate the audience and not be taken for granted.

One of the documentaries that have been aired is Midnight Family, which was released by the Mexican state. Tells the story of how an Oncha family runs a private ambulance, in the Mexico City area. The ambulance is there to provide for those who need immediate assistance, so they must always be on standby.

The father, played by Juan Oncha, invites his children who have grown up to participate in this activity. Of course, the main purpose of the activities they do to help others is to get financing, which can improve family conditions and raise their status.

But unfortunately, after doing this activity the Oncha family and collecting a large amount of money, this family barely got the money they had envisioned together. This happened because of bribes, laws, arrests, and also competition with local EMTs.

By raising the genre of action, crime, documentary, and also drama, this documentary has a duration of 90 minutes. Even though it was quite a while, Luke Lorentzen, the director, tried his best to be able to present some of his actions very closely and in detail.

After all that Luke has put in for this documentary, it feels like this film is more worthy of being called a feature film. In some of the scenes that astonish and make us nervous, Luke can present beautifully and also the players are shrewd and able to get dissolved in the storyline.

It can also be seen that many have watched this documentary and they feel very sad and even deeply touched by what this family did to get good finances. Not only that, there are several scenes that will make us laugh because of the Oncha family’s behavior which makes us laugh.

Through this film, we will be given a rare experience that is in front of us and we can watch it with our family in an entertaining way, but there are also several parts that can be educational. Midnight Family is a rare documentary film because it is rare to present a point of view and story through this plot.

Is it possible in an industry so cutthroat, they can struggle to keep their financial needs at bay from sacrificing those in their care? Will they still be okay with reaching out to those in need?

By presenting a Spanish-language film, the Midnight Family documentary will air on December 6, 2019. However, if you want to watch and are curious about how this story ends, you can watch it on several online pages and download it. Have a good time watching!