9 Facts about Mexico, the Origin of Tacos

May 20, 2021

Mexico is a country located in North America which is directly adjacent to the United States. The capital city of the country is Mexico City. Mexico itself has many exotic tourist attractions that attract many tourists, such as Playa Norte, Isla Contoy, Xcaret Park, to the Cancún Underwater Museum.

This country has many interesting facts to discuss. One example, Mexico is home to the volcano rabbit, which is now increasingly in existence.

Apart from that, there are many other interesting facts that you should know about Mexico. Here are nine unique facts about Mexico, the country of origin of the Mayan civilization. Curious?


1. There are more than 50 indigenous languages ​​spoken in several villages. However Spanish is the national language of this country.

2. The salary system in this country is carried out twice a month which is usually on the 1st and 15th.

3. When making an appointment with Mexicans, you should not come on time because that is not their culture.

4. Many ancient civilizations from Mexico are famous throughout the world such as the Maya, Aztecs, Incas, Zapotecs, to the Toltecs.

5. This country is the country that introduced chili, corn, and chocolate to the world.

6. Mexico makes bullfighting with bullfighters a national sport. But football is still more popular today.

7. Christmas is a time when many children receive gifts, but not Mexican children. They received it on January 6th while celebrating “Three Wise Man”.

8. There are various Mexican foods that have gone global, such as tacos, buritos, to enchiladas.

9. Mexico has a tiny volcano measuring only about 9 meters long called Cuexcomate which has been dormant for a long time.

Mexico has many cultures that characterize it. Many tourists visit this country every year. So, which interesting facts make you want to visit there right away?