THESE QUESTIONS are brought to you by our sister company, Tres Santos HUB.

The HUB doors are open from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday and by appointment only on Sundays.
Phone: +52 (612) 145 0108            Email: info@tressantosbaja.com
From the US: 1 (855) 380 0224
From Canada: 1 (855) 214 6428

We are located on the corner of Calle Juárez and Márquez de León in a gorgeous brick building. Look for the chairs and the bikes and come join us for a good lounge in the sun while watching the Todos Santos world go by. Feel free to bring a cold beverage—adult or low-octane. This corner has a long history of “stooping” and we invite you to help keep the tradition alive.

Mountain bike tours are available daily at 8:00 a.m. and include bike, helmet, water, and handsome guide. Or if you prefer, you can take our townie bikes out for a taco tour.

If we may boast, we are not just locals, but we are leisure-time experts and can help tailor your perfect Baja Sur vacation experience. From restaurant and lodging recommendations to surf lessons and transportation advice, we are happy to help. Come visit—the chairs are waiting.

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  •  Living in Tres Santos
     Why Tres Santos?

    There are many reasons to choose Tres Santos. We think the main reason is its location. The exceptional microclimate at Todos Santos means the average year-round temperature is 75 degrees. The quaint and safe environment, friendly inhabitants and relaxing atmosphere of Todos Santos all make it unlike any other part of Baja Sur. Take this all together with the beach location and the amenities to be offered in the Tres Santos community and you have your answer.

     How Can I Learn More?

    Come visit. We are happy to help you plan a visit to Todos Santos and tour you around our beautiful community. Drop us an email and we can set a date. info@tressantosbaja.com

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  •  Visiting Todos Santos
     How do I get to you?

    You have a choice of airports—you can fly into San Jose del Cabo (SJD) or La Paz (LAP). La Paz is usually better for domestic flights and it’s also a great jumping-off point for exploring the mainland. There are a number of Mexican carriers offering great rates to Guadalajara and beyond.

    We are about an hour and a half from the Cabo airport, and an hour from the La Paz airport.

     And once I'm there? How do I make my way from the Airport?

    We can put you in touch with a local van service that will pick you up from at the airport and you can rent a car upon arrival in Todos Santos from two small, local, and reliable operations here. Renting on your own is another option.

    If you do go it alone, you’ll want directions. It’s important to know that Google Maps is not very dependable, and that GPS is hindered by spotty internet (and streets without names). All that being said, below you can find some directions to print and keep for your very own.

    Directions from Los Cabos Airport (SJD) to Todos Santos

    • Follow signs to Cabo San Lucas/Todos Santos and take the immediate left onto the Toll Road.
    • After 15 minutes you will come upon a toll booth with a small fee when you reach the entrance to the “Corridor.”
    • After the toll, you will see the ocean. Turn right at the roundabout in front of the Mega and travel approximately 20ish minutes until you reach the entrance to Cabo San Lucas.
    • Soon after getting the first view of Cabo Harbor you will pass Costco and Home Depot on your right.
    • At this point, look for the intersection with a small bullfighting ring on the right and turn right there—on Reforma.
    • Continue on through one stoplight and be ready to turn right again at the second light on Miguel Hidalgo.
    • At that intersection, you’ll see the Golden Palace Hotel straight across and to your right.
    • You are now heading toward Todos Santos on Highway 19 (Google Maps shows this as Route 1).
    • In about 2 to 3 blocks you will see a large Soriana Grocery plaza on your right, just past the Chedurai.
    • Continue north along the Pacific for 45 minutes or so.
    • Then take a right on Carr 19 (Carr is short for carretera, which means highway in Spanish).
    • Follow Carr 19 until you run into Todos Santos and a big Bienvenidos a Todos Santos sign.

    Download to my phone or print as a backup

    Directions from La Paz Airport to Todos Santos

    • Head north.
    • In 3.2 km keep right at the fork and merge onto Carr Federal 1.
    • In 3.4 km turn right to stay on Carr Federal 1.
    • In another 3.4 km turn right again to stay on Carr Federal 1.
    • In 28 km take the ramp onto Mexico 19.
    • Travel for another 48km and then take a slight right to stay on Mexico 19.
    • You will arrive in Todos Santos in 4.8 km.

    Download to my phone or print as a backup

     What About Grocery Shopping?

    There are many small markets in town as well as a few convenience stores. For large quantities, we suggest swinging by a mega-grocery store in Cabo. Please note: Costco MX is a different company and does not honor a US issued Costco card.

     Will My Cell Phone Work in Todos Santos?

    It all depends on your service provider. If you have AT&T, you’re in luck. If you’re with Verizon or another provider, you may want to pick up a prepaid phone from OXXO (the local convenience store), or a Movistar or TelCel store. Movistar has great rates to the US. Be sure to let them know you want the US plan, which will allow calls to and from Mexico, the US and Canada. With $300-$500 pesos, you’ll have plenty of credit to get you started. It may last quite some time if you are a low-impact user, as it costs $2 pesos per minute to call the States. To call the US, dial 001 before the number. And remember, we can help you with any questions you may have.

     How About Money? Will I Need Pesos? What's the Best Way to Get Pesos? What About Credit Cards?

    Breathe. You can and should use your ATM card to get fuss-free pesos. Start thinking in pesos before you step up to the machine and be ready to embrace the exotic when you make the withdrawal. You'll know you are in Mexico when you are taking money by the thousands. (Unless you are used to that kind of thing and then, Hey! Call us for cocktails!) The dollar sign is widely used to signify pesos, and it can take a leap of faith on that first transaction to confirm your $2500.00 withdrawal. Fear not! It's about 150 greenbacks to you. Now go buy your first margarita and start enjoying your pesos. Travelers checks will not speed your way in Mexico. Skip 'em and use the ATM. You'll find some exceptions where you can use credit cards, but cash is king. Some banks will exchange currency, though they require you to bring and leave a paper copy of your passport. And definitely avoid the currency exchange booths at the airport. We can’t recommend the ATM strongly enough—we consider it the traveler’s best friend.

    Another thing: Be a good neighbor and let your bank and/or credit card company know that you will be traveling to Mexico. They typically refuse any credit card transactions here without prior notification, and trying to talk coherently with your bank while holding a margarita is as hard as it sounds, trust us.

     What Will I Do in Todos Santos? How will I spend my dreamy days?

    Start at Baja Beans for some locally roasted coffee and baked goods that will have you flying all day long. Once you are powered up you can—in no particular order—swim, surf, live in flip flops, try a rosemary and lime paleta, take a cooking course or a drawing class, eat ice cream in the zocalo, mountain bike singletrack, check out the galleries, do zumba with the locals and shake it like you’ve never shaken it before, swim with whale sharks, taco tour, ride cruiser bikes, conduct a comparative analysis of salsas or tequilas or Mexican beer or all of the above, explore endless beaches, take a cliff walk, bird watch, take yoga, attend a dharma talk, pick mangos, read, unwind, eat paper-thin wood-fired pizza, get a massage, lather on sunscreen, take a Spanish lesson, see if Spanish kissing is different than French kissing, pretend you are living an Under the Tuscan Sun life, decide to actually live an Under the Tuscan Sun life, begin your novel, finish your novel, or just pen the perfect email to let them know you won’t be coming back to work.

     What Kind of Nightlife Will I Find in Todos Santos?

    Todos Santos is more about intimate gatherings than rowdy wet t-shirt contests. Things tend to wrap up early, after a beautiful meal, be it in a beautiful restaurant, a rustic palapa, in a garden or at roadside stand. The local ingredients conspire to make mind-blowing meals, and good company seems generally available if you are looking for interesting conversation to go with your meal.

     Where Can I Catch Some Waves?

    Los Cerritos Beach, just down the road, is great for all experience levels and is one of Baja Sur’s best beaches for swimming. Commercial services, bathrooms and surf lessons are available right on the sand.

     Is There a Swimming Beach?

    Las Palmas is your best bet. With its wild horses and beautiful water accessible by a short walk through a palm grove, it's the perfect beach to enjoy a relaxing day. Just be sure to bring water, a shade umbrella and anything else you might want for the day because there are no commercial services at this beach.

     Will I Be Able to Drink the Water and Eat the Local Food?

    The most important thing to remember is to wash your hands before you eat anything. Most hotels and restaurants have filtered water and ice, but if you are concerned, just ask. Also keep in mind that chilies and tequila can be hard on the system, so consider going easy. When it comes to street food, we can sympathize—the lure of a taco stand is incredibly tempting. We recommend looking for places that are busy and have refrigeration. To be safe, chase it with a slug of tequila—for the antiseptic qualities, of course.

     If I Need Medical Attention, Will It Be Covered by My Current Medical Insurance?

    The answer to this question depends upon your insurance policy and varies from plan to plan. We suggest you contact your insurance company before coming down so you will be aware of what is covered and what is not, in the case of an emergency.

     What if I Don’t Speak Spanish?

    Don’t worry, many people speak English. Embrace the moment, and see how far a warm smile will take you. Todos Santos may be a touch off the standard tourist route, but you are probably not the first gringo to pass this way. Locals are used to your questions, concerns and needs. Please keep in mind though, that English, spoken loudly, is only English—louder. It does not magically translate into Spanish. Though sometimes, an “o” at the end of a word can transform English into Spanish. Try it, and good luck!

     How Do I Dial Mexico from the US or Canada?
    If the number says +52 (612) 145 0632, you'll want to add 011 before the number and a 1 before the area code, like this: 011 52 1(612) 145 0632
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  •  How can I help?

    There are many nonprofits working in the area. You’ll find environmental groups working to protect sea turtles, organizations that teach filmmaking to local children, and everything in between. Here are some links, but we are always happy to talk about this. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime. We are passionate about our community.

    +52 (612) 145 0632 OR info@TresSantosBaja.com

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