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The Brilanti Family: Todos Santos Artisans

July 1, 2015

The making of true handmade silver jewelry is a lost art in many ways, but not in Todos Santos, and not in the Brilanti family. The son and grandchildren of the founder, Ana Brilanti, have kept their family tradition alive and have three jewelry shops in town.

Ana opened her first silver store in Taxco in the 1940s with her line of Victoria jewelry catching the attention of international collectors. Her famous “Fan” design necklace was made for and worn by Eleanor Roosevelt. She’s regarded as one of the most original silver designers from Taxco, the heart of silver design in Mexico.

Mexico Travel Todos Santos Local ArtisanMany family members eventually moved to the peaceful art colony of Todos Santos to continue their craft, and Ana’s son Jose is carrying out his family’s tradition with his store and gallery.

Rafael is yet another heir of the family matriarch and is the owner and designer of Rafael Brilanti jewelry store. He started out as a boy making necklaces in the family’s silver shop during summer vacations.

Laura Yesika Brilanti is another talented family designer and has her own gallery, The Dragonfly, that displays her passion and artistry. She adds a more contemporary style to Mayan and Mexican motifs.

Stop in to any one of these quaint galleries in downtown to discover the magic of authentic handmade silver jewelry crafted by Todos Santos artisans.

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