5 Coolest Tourist Attractions in Mexico That You Really Don’t Want to Miss


Mexico is rich in fascinating culture, history and architecture. This certainly makes Mexico very worth visiting for just a vacation. Moreover, Mexico is also rich in culinary which is certainly delicious. There are many choices of tourist attractions in Mexico, from mountains, beaches, rivers, to cliffs that are no less beautiful.

Well, if you are planning to vacation in Mexico, you should consider visiting the 5 tourist attractions below.

1. Cancun

Cancún is a city rich in beautiful beaches. The city itself was only built in 1970 and is located on the Yucatán Peninsula. Not only beaches, there are also many forests, one of which is mangrove forest.

You yourself can stay at a hotel located about 93 miles from the Caribbean sea. Cancn itself is the most popular tourist destination in Mexico. So it feels less if you go to Mexico without stopping by Cancn.

2. Isla Holbox

Mexico has many islands that are used as tourist attractions, one of which is Isla Holbox. This smoke-free island has easy access. You just need to take the ship provided to get here.

This island is often visited by tourists who want a calm atmosphere without disturbing pollution. Moreover, there are many instagramable buildings on Isla Holbox.

3. Playa del Carmen

Previously Playa del Carmen was just an ordinary fishing village. But now it has been transformed in such a way that it becomes a beautiful city that is bustling with tourists.


Playa del Carmen is the largest city in Yucatán. The infrastructure built here is also quite magnificent and luxurious. When visiting the beach, you can buy tacos which are sold cheaply in the area around the beach.

4. Tulum

For those of you who like boho style, then this beach is suitable to be your vacation choice. This place is designed in such a way for the hippies. The beach looks elegant and very instagramable.

The vibe from Tulum is also luxurious. Tulum is home to many boutiques selling boho-themed clothing as well as restaurants serving organic food.

5. Mahahual

Just like Tulum, Mahahual beach is also for Bohemians. The only difference is that Mahahual is cheaper than Tulum which is famous for being expensive.

White sand and clean sea make anyone feel at home on vacation in Mahahual. Moreover, here there are many cheap restaurants that you can visit. Near Mahahual there is also a mangrove forest that you can visit.

Well, those are the 5 coolest tourist attractions in Mexico that are a shame to miss. Out of the five tourist attractions above, which one do you most want to visit?