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GONE ARE THE DAYS OF LIMITED ACCESS TO BAJA SUR. Today you can grab a nonstop flight to Cabo or La Paz from twenty cities in the US and Western Canada.

We are about an hour from the La Paz airport and about an hour and a half from the Cabo airport (the new 4-lane highway plus the soon-to-be-completed Los Cabos bypass will shorten that considerably). And upon arrival, the pace slows considerably.

  •  How Do I Get Here?

    You have a choice of airports—you can fly into San Jose del Cabo (SJD) or La Paz (LAP). Cabo has more flights and is generally a little less expensive, while La Paz is smaller and a wee bit closer. Getting to Todos Santos

     Now How Do I Get to Todos Santos from the Airport?

    We can put you in touch with a local van service that will pick you up from at the airport and you can rent a car upon arrival in Todos Santos from two small, local, and reliable operations here. Renting on your own is another option.

    If you do go it alone, you’ll want directions. It’s important to know that Google Maps is not very dependable, and that GPS is hindered by spotty internet (and streets without names). All that being said, below you can find some directions to print and keep for your very own.

     Directions from Los Cabos Airport (SJD) to Todos Santos
    • Follow signs to Cabo San Lucas/Todos Santos and take the immediate left onto the Toll Road.
    • After 15 minutes you will come upon a toll booth with a small fee when you reach the entrance to the “Corridor.”
    • After the toll, you will see the ocean. Turn right at the roundabout in front of the Mega and travel approximately 20ish minutes until you reach the entrance to Cabo San Lucas.
    • Soon after getting the first view of Cabo Harbor you will pass Costco and Home Depot on your right.
    • At this point, look for the intersection with a small bullfighting ring on the right and turn right there—on Reforma.
    • Continue on through one stoplight and be ready to turn right again at the second light on Miguel Hidalgo.
    • At that intersection, you’ll see the Golden Palace Hotel straight across and to your right.
    • You are now heading toward Todos Santos on Highway 19 (Google Maps shows this as Route 1).
    • In about 2 to 3 blocks you will see the Mega Supermarket on your right, then Sorianas.
    • Continue north along the Pacific for 45 minutes or so.
    • Then take a right on Carr 19 (Carr is short for carretera, which means highway in Spanish).
    • Follow Carr 19 until you run into Todos Santos and a big Bienvenidos a Todos Santos sign.

    Download to my phone or print as a backup

     Directions from La Paz Manuel Márquez de León International Airport (LAP) to Todos Santos
    • Head north.
    • In 3.2 km, keep right at the fork and merge onto Carr Federal 1 (Carr is short for carretera, which means highway in Spanish).
    • In 3.4 km, turn right to stay on Carr Federal 1.
    • In another 3.4 km, turn right again to stay on Carr Federal 1.
    • In 28 km, take the ramp onto México 19.
    • You will arrive in Todos Santos in 4.8km.

    Download to my phone or print as a backup