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Previewing the Villa Flora Cottages

October 15, 2016

 Villa Flora Cottages

When the Spanish Conquistadors built homes in the New World, they brought with them an architectural style that fused indoor and outdoor living with large courtyards, breezy verandas and wide doorways. Thick brick and stucco walls with inset windows allowed homes to stay cool in the summer, cozy during winter months and could be painted in colors to suit their owners’ preferences.

Strolling past the Villa Flora Cottages at Tres Santos, echoes of the region’s traditional building style are apparent: homes are painted in muted desert shades that take their inspiration from the sea, the earth and the sky, while outdoor terraces are large and inviting. Staircases leading to second-story homes are decorated with wrought-iron railings and ornately tiled risers. Just as the original homes of the Conquistadors were built to look as though they were part of the desert, the town farm homes are surrounded by succulent plantings that thrive in the bright sunshine.

Tucked between the Town Farm’s retail plaza and the organic Town Farm, the Villa Flora Cottages are a central part of Tres Santos’ village life. Homeowners will be just steps from the coffee shop and farm-to-table restaurant, all while overlooking the beautiful community garden. Inside, open-style floor plans and 13-foot ceilings allow living areas to spill outside; mountain, sea and hillside views beyond the town from second-story terraces are stunning and unobstructed.

Tres Santos Cottage Homes in Todos Santos

Outside of the Town Farm community, Villa Flora Cottages also allow for quick access to the magical town of Todos Santos and its untouched natural surroundings. Homeowners can make the 15-minute walk into town to enjoy authentic restaurants and shops, take a 10-minute bike ride along the rec path to the beach, or pedal off into a vast network of rugged mountain bike trails. It’s a gateway into an authentic Baja California lifestyle, whether surfing, fishing, biking, or simply unwinding.

As for the interior layout of the cottages, the first floor has three bedrooms and living terraces accessible from both the living room and master bedroom. On the second floor is a veranda that runs the entire width of the cottage and a spacious rooftop garden set with a pergola and firepit. At night, grab a cozy blanket, make a margarita, and watch stars shoot across the crystal clear sky.

Kitchens effortlessly blend the traditional and the contemporary with stainless-steel appliances (including floating stove hoods that resemble wall-hung sculptures), clean-lined counters and bars that look as though they were carved from a single source, all contrasting beautifully against wooden doors and cupboards. Bedrooms are large and designed so that each one is outfitted with an en-suite bath as well as an oversized closet in the master. You’ll also find a laundry room with full-sized washers and dryers and plenty of storage space.

Tres Santos Cottage Homes in Todos Santos

Artful touches abound and include open kitchen cupboards with colorful turquoise backs hung above the kitchen counters, rustic poured-concrete floors, decorative window mullions and lovely iron railings and balustrades hemming the outdoor terraces.

To customize the look of their homes, residents can choose colors for floors, walls, countertops, hardware and doors; three finish packages in different style allow for further customization.

“The simple, thoughtful design of these homes compliments the architectural history of the region, while also providing a lot of living space within a relatively compact footprint,” says Sales Manager Shannon Gillespie. “Along with the abundance of light and outdoor living space, the Casa Terraza Coffee Shop Flats showcase some of the best features of Tres Santos.”


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