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March Happenings at Todos Santos

April 6, 2015

Video Series: The People of Todos Santos

Here at Todos Santos, there’s a harmonious and nurturing relationship between the land and its inhabitants. Within each lies a sense of purpose—and promise. Real people, surrounded by the natural beauty of the land, are inspired to rethink their priorities, their health, state of being, and state of becoming.

We want to tell their story. How they came to be, what drives them, and what they’re inspired to create. So, we’re proud to announce the People of Todos Santos Video Series, a fascinating glimpse into the lives of six local entrepreneurs. And because you’re on this list, you’ll be the first to experience these stories.

In honor of strawberry season and the Chile and Strawberry Festival this month, we’ll kick the series off with Elizabeth. You may not know her by name, but you definitely know her strawberries. She’s a local farmer with the best strawberries in town. She’s also Baja’s 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year, and will be sharing her knowledge with Colorado State University’s agriculture program, a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Elizabeth Fields Pescadero_15

It’s a great way to kick off what promises to be an insightful look into the inspiring stories of our local entrepreneurs. We’ll release one per month, and who knows—maybe one of them will inspire one of you! Click here to watch the video.



CSU International Center Ribbon Cutting: April 19th

csu sign_301x225The construction of Colorado State University’s first international center, which will focus on research, outreach and education and will be housed in Todos Santos, is well underway with the ribbon cutting scheduled for April 19th.

The center builds on Colorado State University’s mission of teaching, research, service and outreach, and the university’s already established international research and student exchange presence in Latin America involving a range of interests including infectious disease research and veterinary medicine.

Picture2In addition, the CSU center will partner and collaborate with local farmers, veterinarians, and multi-disciplinary experts in the community to conduct research and connect with the Todos Santos community. Residents of Todos Santos will benefit from the university’s research through educational offerings such as workshops and distribution of research-based knowledge. Courses (not degree programs) will be available to local Todos Santos residents beginning later in 2015. The center will also act as a gathering place for educationally focused groups to connect with others.

The center will debut in spring 2015  and classes, including retreats, will be available beginning fall of 2015.


The 12th Annual Film Festival of Todos Santos

The 12th Annual Film Festival of Todos Santos and La Paz celebrated the beautiful strength of women and film in all forms, from those who forged new paths to those who created new ways of telling stories through cinema.

filmfest2The festive evening began with a celebration of dance, music, performance art and large-scale projections on Women in the Mexican Cinema. There were also round tables and master classes with many notable names in cinema.

There were over 120 diverse films that explored the role of women in society—their struggles, conflicts, achievements and successes revealed raw, honest and gripping new perspectives about the women featured, what they faced, and what they overcame.

film fest3With Hecho X Mujeres (Made by Women), the Film Festival honored the captivating work of Maria Novaro—a true pioneer in this distinct approach to filmmaking. Ms. Novaro was in attendance to see her iconic film, Danzon, as the Festival Opening theme on the Malecon in La Paz.

The films also focused on the environment, a key issue to our community. There were screen shorts, fictional features and documentaries, including A Drop of Life, which was produced by the Film School Leonardo Perel. The School also presented films created during summer workshops, in which more than 82 local children and young people participated.

The evening was truly a touching, beautiful tribute to the creativity, passion, dedication and determination of women in Mexican cinema.


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