San Miguel de Allende, The Best City in the World

December 23, 2022
San Miguel de Allende The Best City in the World

In discussing the best cities to visit, many will recommend Tokyo or Paris, it is true that these cities are fun places for tourism, but the best city to visit is San Miguel de Allende in Mexico which has been named the best city for tourism by

This city has it all, great food and beautiful views, diverse culture, and warm people. Apart from that, San Miguel de Allende is a very walkable city, the city is small enough to be explored only on foot, and tourist attractions are close together so many people choose to walk.

Therefore, of course, the air is still fresh to breathe. This city is still authentic with colonial architecture, so you can wash your eyes who often see modern tall buildings by looking at old buildings with typical Mexican Gothic architecture because there are absolutely no modern buildings in this city.

San Miguel de Allende

One of the buildings with the most beautiful architecture in this city is the Parroquia de San Miguel Archangel, a church that was built in 1742. Then, San Miguel de Allende is still thick with its culture, this city really supports its artists and humanists.

Many festivals are held in this city, there is the town of Desfile de los Locos where residents will wear unique costumes. Then San Miguel has where you can see the actions of the bullfighter. Cultural parades are often held on the streets of San Miguel de Allende.

Lastly, the sunset in this city is the most beautiful that you will experience, you can watch this beauty while eating traditional Mexican food, such as tacos, chilaquiles, or tamales.