4 Tribes That are Known to Have The Most Feared Witchcraft in The World

Feared Witchcraft

Be careful, these are 4 tribes that are known to have the most feared witchcraft in the world

Witchcraft and shamanism are still being questioned, not only in Indonesia, but also in almost all corners of the world. In fact, not a few think that this knowledge was never born in the world because of its very impossible shape.

Even so, thousands of years ago, a number of tribes in the world claimed to have embraced this invisible knowledge in their daily lives. In fact, the magic that they have is claimed to be the most dangerous, sinister, and deadly.

So, which tribes have magic? The following Tressantosbaja summarizes the 4 tribes with the most dangerous sorcery in the world.

1. Mayans, Mexico

Mayans The Most Feared Witchcraft in The World

Maya, an inland tribe located in Mexico and Guatemala, is an indigenous group in the world that is known to have the most dangerous magic in the world. This community is believed to be able to summon rain and make the weather sunny with just a ceremony.

This raining ceremony is usually performed by a Toltec, an elder figure in the Mayans. To grant this request, usually, the Toltecs will exchange it by offering a human heart to the gods.

2. Maasai Tribe, Kenya

Masaai-Tribe Feared Witchcraft

The Maasai tribe is one of the indigenous African tribes originating from Tanzania. Usually, they live around Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania along the Great Rift Valley. The tribe, which is known for its principle of upholding its customs, seems to have a god named Enkai. The Maasai tribe believes that the mantra issued by the god has the efficacious power to grant all the wishes of the supplicant.

Interestingly, the people of this tribe are believed to have the power to run fast, jump high, be invulnerable, and be good at fighting. This native African tribe is also famous for its towering posture, with an average height of 1.8 meters.

3. Gypsy Tribe, India

Gypsy-Tribe Feared Witchcraft

The Gypsies or also known as the Roma are native Indians who migrated to various parts of the world. Behind their nomadic life, the Gypsies are believed to have dangerous magical abilities.

The terrible magic that belongs to the Gypsy Tribe is called Lamia. With this magic, a magician or shaman can send unbearable pain until his vital organs are damaged. The form of magic that the Gypsies have is not much different from the witchcraft that is popular in Indonesia.

Using an object that is often used by the target, the magician will send a ‘catastrophe’ to the target person. However, Lamia was only used to attack human vitals.

4. Voodoo, West Africa

Voodoo The Most Feared Witchcraft in The World

In West Africa, in Benin to be precise, local people celebrate their religion and belief, Voodoo, in the form of festivals. Benin is the country that is the birthplace of the Voodoo faith. Voodoo was born in the region between Abomey and Ouidah in Benin.

Voodoo is often used by witches or shamans to destroy the target’s life using dolls. Just like witchcraft, the doll will be stabbed by a sharp object or even burned.

Everyone whose soul is put into the doll can feel the pain just like what the doll gets. For people in Benin, Voodoo is part of nature and human life. The spirits are believed to live with and side by side with humans and other living things.

The practice of Voodoo in Benin is not considered taboo either. Even today, Voodoo has become one of the national religions since 1996. Therefore, every year the Voodoo Festival is always celebrated in a big way and is attended by many people.