The Movement

UNTIL RECENTLY, Todos Santos had been under the radar. For the last handful of years, though, there has been a slow groundswell as artists, surfers, yogis, foodies, and thinkers of all kinds stumbled upon it or heard about it, embraced it and didn’t want to leave.

Its attraction is inescapable:
Off-the-beaten-path. Unspoiled. Perfect. All the things you’d dream about when you dream about a place to live, to grow, to meditate, discover, and explore.

Over time, word has gotten out. As enthusiasts and expats sought and rediscovered an authentic way of living, others were drawn in. Different kinds of people for different kinds of reasons. All with a common desire for a kind of primal and authentic connection–to the earth and to other people.

And now there are the New York Times articles. And word-of-mouth. Plus an expanded highway from Cabo San Lucas, and a new bypass coming–making access easier. The town is at a turning point and destined to change.

The Tres Santos Vision: 
This will be a place that brings people together and inspires a shared sense of belonging and purpose. It will have all the makings of an epicenter of wellness, but it’s the people—the organic farmers, fishermen, yoga teachers, and the enlightened crowd that frequents the town—that will be creating this wake-up call for mindful living.

Tres Santos

Tres Santos’ three settings will offer a holistic, integrated approach to life. A beach village, a farm village and breathtaking hills—all will be connected to Todos Santos and each other by walkable/bikable paths. Outdoor activities, locally sourced food, authentic architecture, artisan boutiques, landscape as art, and people—hospitable, civic-minded, cross-cultural, collaborative, and invested.

There will be a harmonious relationship between the place and its inhabitants. A place for health-minded pilgrims who are rethinking life, their priorities, their carbon footprint and their connection to the earth. It will be a destination for those mindful of the kind of relationship their children will be

able to have with nature. A place to really live. To learn more about the new places we are creating, visit The Villages.  To meet the people involved in bringing the Tres Santos movement to life, visit About Us.

Holistic Chart