FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS, Todos Santos has been interwoven with nature, and so we bear—and welcome—the responsibility of helping to protect and support this relationship as we create the community of Tres Santos.

Will we be perfect? Absolutely not. Will we make mistakes? Of course. MIRA’s goal is to be open and transparent, set reasonable goals, and invite the community in to help.

We are planning a compact, walkable community of relatively small houses that is expected to preserve large areas of green space and add many amenities open to the entire community.

Our Plan Includes:

  • design of vibrant, compact, walkable public spaces to minimize the need for cars while facilitating physical activity and social interaction
  • integrated residential and commercial spaces for a more lively, pedestrian-focused community
  • shared public and open spaces to complement smaller housing sizes and higher density
  • integration of existing streets with our new grid, and the extension of a walk, hike, and bike trail from the town to the beach
  • Knock Out Basura – a new litter reduction program
  • improved fishermen’s facilities and public restrooms at public beach access at Punta Lobos
  • increased recycling, including leasing land for a recycling center
  • improved animal care via CSU veterinary efforts
  • regular meetings of a community advisory board to understand concerns and questions and learn about great ideas
  • preparation of homes for rooftop solar
  • desalination plants to provide potable water to Tres Santos residents
  • wastewater treatment plant which is expected to provide water that is sufficiently pure for non-potable use (e.g. landscaping)