• Learn about the people at Tres Santos and their relationship with the land.


HERE AT TODOS SANTOS, there’s a harmonious and nurturing relationship between the land and its inhabitants.

Within each lies a sense of purpose—and promise. We want to tell their story. How they came to be, what drives them, and what they’re inspired to create. So, we’re proud to announce the People of Todos Santos Video Series, a fascinating glimpse into the lives of six entrepreneurs. Meet some of your future neighbors:


The Brilanti’s – The making of true handmade silver jewelry is a lost art in many ways, but not in Todos Santos, and not in the Brilanti family. The son and grandchildren of the founder, Ana Brilanti, have kept their family tradition alive and have three jewelry shops in town.

Paula & Ezio, together, opened Café Santa Fe, an authentic Italian restaurant using fresh ingredients and authentic recipes. And it’s been an international culinary icon here for over 24 years.

Elizabeth Ibarra is a local farmer with the best strawberries in town. She’s also Baja’s 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year, and will be sharing her knowledge with Colorado State University’s agriculture program, a mutually beneficial collaboration.