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Tres Santos and Wanderlust: A perfect evening

November 6, 2015

By providing inspiring spaces where members can focus on mindful living, stewardship, awareness and creative expression through yoga and other practices, Wanderlust’s core values echo those of Tres Santos. For marketing director Wayne Trudeau and other members of the Tres Santos team, those similarities made Wanderlust a perfect partner for introducing the Tres Santos concept to Los Angeles. “In the last ten to twelve years, yoga has been the fastest growing sport,” he explains. “Our mission, which values taking control of your life, connecting with your environment and finding authenticity, resonates with this group. We want to let them know that we’ve created a community where these values will be respected and honored.”

Held on September 23rd at Wanderlust’s Hollywood Center, the event drew about 200 friends of Wanderlust and Tres Santos, who sipped Mexican beer and margaritas as they examined jewelry and other crafts from Todos Santos and paged through books of photographs of the region.

Speaking about the verdant green expanses that set the coastal city of Todos Santos apart from the desert landscape that surrounds it, Tres Santos team member (and hotel guru) Chip Connolly used the word “fresh” to describe the region, which, thanks to a range of 7,000-foot tall mountains and an ancient underground aquifer, is actually a community of farmers and fishermen. “It’s the kind of place allows you to connect with yourself and other people in a way that’s so hard to do in modern day California,” he explained to the group. “It’s because the culture of Todos Santos and the culture of the people it attracts, aspirationally, are the people who want to disconnect with [the culture of modern day California] and connect with [themselves and people like them.]

Key to the Tres Santos concept is support of the local culture that allowed Todos Santos to evolve into the special place that it’s become. “Tres Santos is not a resort,” says Trudeau. “Our goal is to hold on to the good that’s already there and to allow more people to experience it.”


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