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Hillside Landscapes

BEACH AND TOWN FARM DWELLERS, MEET YOUR BACKYARD. Desert landscapes. Hiking and communing with nature. Beauty and solitude. The biking, the running, the camping and caving. Birds soaring above the Sierra de la Laguna. Trek the canyons and riverbeds. Discover the waterfalls. Find your own space and reach the summit in this stellar backdrop—and natural playground—for the new neighborhoods coming to the Beach and Town Farm.

Life in the

To the northeast of Town Farm is the hillside—a beautifully mountainous, but thoroughly accessible landscape overlooking the town and coastline. The sweeping views at this elevation are exceptional. Meandering roads will conform to the serpentine contours of the land. This is prime terrain for mountain biking, hiking, running, camping and caving. And there is no yoga practice that can’t benefit from the expansive setting and Zen-like connection to nature.

Hillside Life

The mountains are calling and I must go. – John Muir