• Live in a farm to table community crafted around organic farming.

Town Farm

A community garden. The big barn and live music. Farmer’s markets. Rustic and walkable spaces and trails. Just a few blocks to downtown Todos Santos. Farm-to-table brunches. Community connection and bike rides to the market. Everything is growing. This is life at Town Farm at Tres Santos.


Life at
Town Farm

Crafted around organic farming—both literally and figuratively—Town Farm will have a working community garden at its center, and a lifestyle all about fresh food, vitality and health. You’ll find a warm rustic charm here, as well as 360-degree views of town, beach and hillside available while dining (or at the central knoll). Residential walk-streets will lead to the iconic Barn House, set on the garden. Here, people can come together, celebrate and hear incredible concerts. In a culture of connectivity between people and place, pedestrian paths and biking and running trails will serpentine the three miles to the beach, and on through to the rugged desert countryside.

In Todos Santos, CSU has discovered a perfect place to explore and expand the science and creativity of agriculture, health, the natural environment, and the arts. It’s a place that inspires us to embrace it with all the educational, scientific, and cultural resources we have to offer, partnering with the entire community to mutually share knowledge and improve lives.

– Rick Miranda, Provost and
Executive Vice President,CSU

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Town Farm Amenities

  • Farm-to-Table Restaurant
  • Organic Community Garden
  • Outdoor Courts & Games
  • Coffee Shop
  • Town-to-Beach Trail
  • General Store
  • Town Farm Plaza & Other Small Retail
  • Outdoor Farmers Market
  • Bike Shop

Plans subject to change.